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What a fantastic lineup for book signing at Stage Lighting Super Saturday yesterday. From close to far, Vickie Clai… https://t.co/76d5FNUOhS
Stage Lighting Super Saturday color sessions by Jennifer Tipton and Ken Billington. @rosco @highend #colorhttps://t.co/Rgv8JZDut6
Stage Lighting Super Saturday 2020 marks our 15th year. #SLSS2020 #broadway #design #stage #lightingdesign https://t.co/e7e8b8FfcX
Lighting Workshop tomorrow in NYC. Theater, event, stage, corporate, church, etc. All areas of entertainment lighti… https://t.co/JGpt2XcOh6


Creative Technology Commissioned for Leila, The Land of Imagination https://t.co/4G7W9wGy88 @CreativeTechnol
White Light Supplies Leopoldstadt in the West End https://t.co/TQCFo7qKL9 @WhiteLightLtd
dLive and Me Slip Into "Kinky Boots" at Teatro Astral https://t.co/ovoQtVU60f @allen_heath
Winter Jam 2020 Rocks with Bandit Lites Lighting System https://t.co/wt0P3BoUUi @BanditLites
AES Academy Boasts Sold-Out Registration and Membership Response, Looks Ahead to 2020 Events https://t.co/dfok7sbhfj @AESorg

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